Friday, August 13, 2010

It's the weekend today!

Hi guys,

  The weekend is here! I took my English and MT listening comprehension and composition during the week, on Thursday and Friday. Well, today has been a tiring day, as I took my MT composition and listening comprehension today, and still had to stay back for supplementary. Then while leaving the school, I realised my wallet was not with me! Panicking, I rushed around the school, combing it for my wallet. After about half an hour, I found it under my desk in the class.

  I arrived at home exhausted. After taking a bath and eating dinner, I started writing this post. Well, after this I'm going to rest and watch TV for a while before practicing my MT oral for next week's MT oral PSLE examination. Fortunately, my teachers gave us very little homework. Here's the homework for the weekend:

1. Math PSLE booklet pages 35 to 39, 53 to 58
2.Science PSLE booklet pages 80 to 88
3.English Practice Paper 8
4.Chinese MT comprehensions

  That should be all the homework. See ya!

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