Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's (almost) the weekend today!

Hi all,

  I decided to post my "It's the weekend today!" now as my mom allowed me to have free time. This is because my PSLE prelims have just ended.

  This morning, my friend Benjamin brought his electric guitar to school. I was like, "Wow!" During recess, my group of friends and I went down to the school hall where they keep all the instruments. After rummaging around the hall storeroom, we found a guitar amplifier I could use. When I plugged in the guitar and gave it a strum, I realised something was wrong. I was using a bass guitar amplifier, not an electric guitar one! So after tweaking the sound effects a little, we couldn't get it to sound like a electric guitar, though we got really close. My friends were like "Ah, heck with it, let's just play 21 Guns" And there was another problem too, as the D string was out of tune and the tuning peg for the D string seemed to have been stuck.

  So I just played the guitar solo and the background tune. Hopefully, next Tuesday, Nathan will bring his electric guitar which IS in tune and Mr Loh, a teacher, said that he will lend us an electric guitar amplifier.

  Anyway, we did get selected for the Teacher's Day concert. And now, I feel both fearful and excited as the results for my SST admission is coming soon, by next Tuesday. Argh! I feel so nervous!

Yeah, nervous is the word.

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