Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flip MinoHD

Hi guys,

  Guess what? Last week, a parcel arrived at my house and when my dad opened it, there was a new, almost-unused Flip MinoHD camcorder!

  What is the Flip MinoHD, you may ask?

  It is a video camera which has a capability of recording high-definition videos! The one my dad ordered was the first generation camcorder, which has a memory space of 4GB, which allows it to record a 60 minute video!
However, about ten minutes later, another parcel arrived and it was a second-generation Flip MinoHD camcorder, which has a larger screen and a larger memory space of 8GB than its older counterpart. And when we opened it, it was a brand new, unused one!

The Flip MinoHD looks like a handphone, only that it cannot call! (Well, duh) It charges through a USB port.

  The 4GB one has a smaller screen than the 8GB one, but however, their functions are more or less the same. The older one has a plastic casing, but the newer one has an airbrushed metal casing! The camcorder has one-touch button functions, and a large, prominent "Record" button. However, i think that the design can be improved by moving the buttons to the lower part of the camcorder, as there is a tendency to touch the lens of the camcorder while using the buttons.

  It has a built-in microphone, but i think that the microphone sometimes does its job too well, as you can hear the "fssshhhhh" sound of the background, which may sometimes blot out other sounds, such as someone talking. Sadly, no add-on microphones can be used on the camcorder. Fortunately, it is possible to add a tripod onto the camera.

  In conclusion, I feel that it is very simple to operate, and it is very user-friendly. However, the design of the camcorder could be improved. You can get it at major tech stores, such as Challenger for about SGD$249. (I got mine for SGD$80 on ebay.)

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