Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I got into SST!


  Ten minutes ago, I discovered that I got into SST! At 2.30, my dad asked me to go to check the mailbox and I found a letter addressed to me. At that moment, I was thinking: "Let me get in! Let me get in! Let me get in!" As I opened the letter, I could feel my heart beating. When I pulled out the letter, my heart almost stopped. "Congratulations!" was the first word on the letter. My eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and I did a victory dance in the lift.

I feel overjoyed! Now all I have to do is to get into Express stream (PSLE Aggregate:200 and above)


MiniDIY said...

Great!!! Happy for you too!
I'm sure you are now more motivated to do well for your PSLE ya?
Any of your friends got in too?

Keming said...

yup, i think about 4 or 5 friends