Friday, August 6, 2010

It's the (long) weekend today!

Hi everyone,

  I just came back from the National Day celebrations at my school. They released us early at 11. Speaking about the long weekend, we only have to go back to school on Wednesday. So naturally, my teachers gave me a ton of homework.

1.Science Preliminary Practice Paper 5
2.Science Preliminary Practice Paper 6
3.44 Maths Problem Sums
4.Chinese Multiple-choice comprehension
5.Chinese School 4 practice paper
6.English Practice Paper 7
7.Composition 9 (PSLE Booklet)
8.Situational Writing 4 (PSLE Booklet)
I think that's all the homework. I should manage if I do three pieces of homework a day, then I will have a day to rest.

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