Friday, September 24, 2010

It's the weekend today!

Hi all,

  Yet another week has gone by. I have about 13 days left to PSLE. I hope that it comes quickly, so that I can quickly put an end to my worries of feeling that I have not studied enough. (Probably to play a lot as well, hehe) This is the homework for the weekend:

1.Science PP7 Booklet B (Done)
2.Math PP9 (Full Paper)
3. Super Challenging Math Problems (Mrs Tay says own time, own target to finish doing all of them)
4.English PSLE booklet comprehension 5

Not a lot of homework, assuming it's less than 2 weeks to PSLE. Probably because teachers want us to revise our subjects for the exam.

The Clock Is Ticking!

Speaking of "homework" and "revision", I'd better get down to my work...

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