Thursday, September 16, 2010

Incoming PSLE!


  Tomorrow, it is my PSLE Listening Comprehension. (Just a minor note:MT Listening Comprehension is like, MY WORST-SCORING PAPER EVER!)  However, I have been trying my best to improve my Listening Comprehension by:

1.Watching the Chinese program "Love" every day at 7pm
2.Watching the Chinese News everyday at 6.30pm
3.Doing tons of Listening Comprehension practices daily

Well, I think I'm ready by now...(Crosses fingers)

  I also got my report book today. Sigh...

English: 81% (A)
MT: 56% (C) Dammit!
Math: 83% (A)
Science: 74%  (B)

Total Aggregate (Upon 300): 220

If this was PSLE, I still would get into SST, but I still feel pretty lousy...
And I am in 37th position in my class. (40 people in my class) I feel that i have TREMENDOUS room for improvement.

To improve my grades, I am going to use an extremely effective method. It's called STUDYING!

Good luck to me for my examination tomorrow...


silverybay said...

Don't fret too much about it. You did well for the 3 most important subject.

As for Mother Tongue,I still can't figure why its call mother tongue, maybe they want you to speak like your mother?!!

Just do your best.

MiniDIY said...

B for science??!! That's not acceptable... especially when you've been watching so much "Myth Busters"!

Looks like I have to come over this weekend to do something about it... something 'scientific'.

Keming said...

yup, a B for science. actually 1 mark away from A only....SOB!