Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's the week(day) today!

Hi all,

  I'm halfway through the September school holidays. The first three days of the holiday was spent in school for extra lessons for all Primary Six pupils taking PSLE. (Duh, all primary six students have to take PSLE)

  On my countdown calendar, it's only 19 days away to PSLE, excluding all weekends, school holidays and public holidays. I feel both excited and fearful at the same time, excited because PSLE is near and once it's over, it's OVER! And fearful because I keep feeling that I haven't studied enough. (And still, here I am, blogging. Oh well.) To ensure that us students receive sufficient revision, the teachers are constantly piling truckloads of homework on us.(That may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea)

  Speaking of "truckloads" of homework, here is my "truckload' of work:

1.PSLE Science booklet pages 31 to 40
2.Math Practice paper 7 booklet A
3.Math Practice paper 7 paper 2
4.English Composition
5.Queenstown Primary School PSLE prelims paper
6.MT revision practice 5
7.MT multiple choice comprehension
8. ANOTHER MT multiple choice comprehension
9.Chinese Composition

Sigh...19 more school days to go...

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