Monday, September 6, 2010

The Corn Plot

Hi all,

  At the beginning of the year, our form teacher, Mrs Tay, opened up an old facility of the school (really old, last time we checked, it was about 20 years old)  which is known as the corn plot. It used to be a place for planting seeds for science purposes. When she showed it to us, it was in an unkempt state, with weeds growing everywhere, soil spilled on the pathways, and stuff like that. So Mrs Tay told us it was ours, and she gave us some corn seeds to start with.

 After a few periods of weeding, loosening soil and planting, we finally got the corn plot in order. Since then, we would check on the corn plot daily to see how our "crops" were doing. However, we ran into a problem.

  On one fine day, my friends and I entered the corn plot and to our horror, we found some of the corn plants crushed! We saw footprints on the soil around the plants and did not take long to figure out that someone stepped on our corn plants. (Probably on purpose, as not many people knew there was a corn plot.) We didn't find out who the culprits were, but we managed to revive some of the obliterated corn plants. To prevent any further mishaps like that, we came up with a solution: Lock the corn plot. (Well, DUH!)

  After months of loosening soil, killing pests and watering the plants, we finally saw the fruits of our labour! (Literally) The corn plants had bore corn! However, we did not dare to eat it as we have seen ants and snails crawl over the corn before.

  So we just distributed the corn seeds into the soil again and repeated the process. For some reason, not all of the corn seeds germinated! Only some did (Now they're pretty big)

  Now you may be thinking, "Growing corn under the hot sun? You kids are crazy!" Well, let me tell you, we had a lot of fun in the corn plot. For example, we found a branch on a tree that had a heavy top and twig stubs on it. (We thought it would make the perfect club) So we used all sorts of methods to get the branch off the tree. For example:

1.Throwing bricks at the branch
2.Using a long metal pole and applying the law of leverage to the branch
3.Stepping on the branch (Two people at one time)
4. Using sticks to whack the branch

  However, none of these methods worked. In a desperate attempt, I brought my pocket knife to school and sawed the branch off. When the club came off, we named it "The Clubby Club" and rejoiced by smashing any nearby objects that could be smashed. But to our dismay, the club disappeared about a month later.

  Currently, we are taking care of the corn plants and making piles of soil. (And searching for the sacred "Clubby Club")


MiniDIY said...

Interesting... just wondering, are the photos taken from the actual items or some images you plucked from the web?

Keming said...

pluck'd from the web...i can't bring camera to school but when it bears fruit i would probably take a few pics of the corn