Saturday, July 31, 2010

SST selection camp

I just came back from the SST selection camp, and i think that I have a good chance of getting in! First of all, we were split up into groups of 5. Then I had to write a personal statement about why I want to go to SST, and I wrote about three-quarters of a page in that 5 minutes that was assigned to me. So after that, my group was assigned a task.

  My group's task was to design a device that allows the user to fish out items from quicksand. Thankfully, the "items" were plastic cups and one unopened mineral water bottle, and there was no quicksand. So we had 5 minutes to come up with a design, 10 minutes to make a decision on the design we wanted, and then 25 minutes to build the device and fish out the "items". So after a discussion, my group decided on a design that "clicks" on to the "item". So it worked pretty well, but when it came to the plastic bottle, we had a problem. The device wouldn't "click" to the bottle as it had no opening. So I came up with an idea to use mailing labels to stick the bottle to the device, and fortunately, it worked!

  I felt that my group was cooperative, they listened and respected others' ideas and we worked pretty well together. So after a debrief by the teachers in SST, we were dismissed and were left to worry whether we got selected or not. I should get my results in about a month's time, on 31st August. Wish me luck!

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Kit said...

Good luck!