Saturday, July 31, 2010


Hi all! 
  I declare it: i am officially addicted to Plants Vs Zombies.

  Plants Vs Zombies is a game where you are supposed to plant plants on your backyard/roof/lawn which have different abilities that help you destroy zombies that are attacking your house. When a zombie meets a plant, he will eat it and keep walking towards your house, or until you destroy it. You plant plants by collecting sun, which is produced by the sun or sunflowers. Once a zombie eats its way to your house, it will enter the house and the game will say: THE ZOMBIES ATE YOUR BRAINS!

  There are many different plants and zombies, like plants that shoot peas, explode, or shield your house from zombies. There are also many zombies, from normal, "garden-variety" zombies to zombies that drive trucks.

  Despite it name, it is actually a very cute and child-friendly game. It is a game that requires you to use strategy, for example to plan where you want to place your plants before a zombie eats it, unlike the other mindless, simple games made by Popcap. You should try the trial version, and then leave your verdict of the game in the comments or chatbox!

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