Friday, July 30, 2010

The Sorcerer's Apprentice Review

I have to say that the film was good, with its special effects controlling most of the film. But however, i feel that the storyline of the movie was a little too simple. A high school nerd known as Dave has been chosen by sorcerer Balthazar Blake ( i spelled it correctly, didn't i?) to wear the dragon ring and be his apprentice. Then, the "bad guy" of the film was this guy called Horvath, and he wants to free his master, Morgana, from a prison that Balthazar kept her in. So after a long chasing around New York City, Morgana is finally freed, and Balthazar is killed. However, Dave, the apprentice, masters the use of magic and fights against Morgana. When all hope seemed lost, Dave made a makeshift Tesla coil and destroyed Morgana. Then, Dave uses electricity to revive Balthazar (like that cardioelectric...uh...whatever thing that zaps the heart to restart it). Then Balthazar wakes up and then there's a "Happily Ever After". Kinda cliche, i think. Nevertheless, i thought it was a good film, and there was some good humour in it. I think i would rate this show a 7.5/10. Good, but could use some improvements.

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sunflower said...

i think i would give the show a 8/10.